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Cleantech and Circular Economy

Image by Ivan Bandura

Waste Conversion

Waste is rapidly becoming a resource instead of a problem due to the technologies, both available and being developed which use waste to generate electricity, gas, transportable fuels, and other products. 

Image by Chris LeBoutillier

Emissions and Efficiency

With emissions around the world now targeted by the world's government's to limit a global rise in temperature below 2°C, technology development will remain keenly focused on reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency across all industries.


Materials Technology

Technologies that make lighter, stronger and more efficient materials reduce cost and reduce energy consumption. Cleaner products and processed materials are at the heart of increasingly prescriptive end-of-life waste and recycling regulations around the world.

Image by Zbynek Burival


Energy generation is the biggest greenhouse gas emitter, while energy security is increasingly becoming a global issue. Cleaner and decentralised generation and storage solutions are increasingly a critical part of our future energy mix.

Image by Tomas Hertogh

Agriculture and Food

Growth in world population towards an expected 11 billion by 2100, combined with a rise in living standards around the world, will put massive strain on food production and the scarce resources required for its expansion.

Image by Ernest Ojeh


Transport accounts for approximately a quarter of global emissions with the further global industrialisation destined to increase its impact. Energy and emissions technology is a core focus of the world's major manufacturing companies.

Image by Dr. *Z* Velthouse


Managing the world's scarce water resources is vital. We need it for drinking, to produce crops and throughout industry. The efficient use of water and reuse of contaminated water will be increasingly vital to a rapidly expanding global population.

Image by Erik Mclean

Efficient Building

Buildings are responsible for approximately 50% of global energy consumption through ventilation, heating, hot water, lighting and appliances. Addressing significant reductions in consumption is a major energy priority.

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