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Making the right strategic decisions at the right time, be they managerial, operational or financial, is critical to the success of your business.

Having advised a cross-section of businesses across a number of different industries and at all stages of development, we can offer you support and advice with the benefit of a multitude of different perspectives.

We have very significant experience in advising on corporate strategy and corporate development with a constant focus on value generation for the private and public market domains.


We also offer advice on capital structure, management structure and corporate governance whether you are an emerging business or pursuing an intention at some point to float your business on a junior or main stock market.

What's critical for Kinetix is that we can together develop a relationship that you consider important in the success of your business

Making the right decision at the right time

Corporate NED

Strategic Advisory

Whether you are looking to raise finance, attract a strategic partner or sell a business, a comprehensive and fully supported business plan will be on the critical path for investors.


We have the resource and experience to support your business plan preparation or to review your plan with a mind to a future due diligence process.


We also have extensive financial modelling skills and the experience to know what banks, private equity or corporate investors will demand.

We recognise that each business requires its unique approach and a 50-page document and two month lead time is not always the answer.


However, we have little doubt that the time spent in up-front preparation and your own due diligence, saves both time overall and most importantly substantially reduces the risk of a failed process.

A comprehensive business plan is essential


We will work with you to make your plan as accurate and attractive as possible

Business Planning and Valuation

Making an acquisition, selling a division or realising the value of your company will probably be the most important transaction in the life of your business.


It takes time and commits huge resources, just at the time when the management and the performance of your business are critical to maintaining the value you are aiming to realise.


We have many years of experience in buying and selling businesses, working with management and owners to allow them to get on with the day job.

It's also not just about process. We have a broad international network of relationships developed over 30 years in the M&A business, where established personal relationships are critical to building the trust and commitment needed to close a transaction.

This is of particular importance when dealing with large multinational conglomerates, whose attention is often spread over numerous transactions at a time.

We can support you through the preparation phase, due diligence, structuring and negotiation of your transaction as well as your market communications.

The most important decision of your business life

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our focus is on driving the maximum value and best strategic fit for your business

Mergers and Acquisitions
Fund Raising 2
Fund Raising

Kinetix has extensive and deep relationships with various investor types: the private equity and VC community, family offices and a broad range of international corporates looking to invest in innovation through majority and minority investments.

Key to raising new funds whether it be entirely for corporate investment purposes, to assist in succession planning or to cash out owner-entrepreneurs, is matching the investment objectives and horizons of the investors with yours.

We are ready to bring our relationships and experiences to bear in helping you achieve your financing objectives.

We also have significant experience in supporting companies wishing to float on a stock exchange, whether it be AiM or Main list.

We will work with you to find out the most suitable investors for your growth.

Finding the right funds from the right investors

Fund Raising

Before finalising a deal or investment, it's crucial to perform due diligence to ensure decision-makers have access to accurate and reliable information. 


This process involves verifying and auditing all relevant financial and factual data to confirm its accuracy. 

By doing so, buyers can have confidence in their decisions, and transactions are more likely to succeed.

Due diligence is conducted for several reasons, including confirming and verifying information discussed during the deal, identifying potential defects, obtaining useful valuation information, and ensuring compliance with investment criteria.

Kinetix works with haysmacintyre to deliver financial and tax due diligence services for its clients, as well as delivering Vendor Due Diligence reports for Kinetix clients looking to sell a business or division including for Management Buyouts.


Vendor Due Diligence reports can be prepared in support of a sale process to shorten the buyer due diligence process and to provide detail on specific areas including R&D tax credits and EMI schemes where value issues might otherwise come up very late in a disposal process  

Investigation of a potential deal or investment

Due Diligence

Due Diligence
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