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£5.26m raised for Xeros Technology Group plc

London AIM-listed Xeros Technology Group plc completed a £5.26 million funding round in November 2019 advised by Kinetix Critchleys Corporate Finance (KCCF) and finnCap.

Xeros is the developer and provider of water saving and filtration technologies which is transforming water intensive industrial and commercial processes. The Group is applying its technologies in the fields of cleaning, tanning and textiles.

Kinetix Critchleys Corporate Finance (KCCF) has advised and assisted companies addressing global resource sustainability since its founding in 2010 and Xeros Technology Group addresses substanJal water, energy and effluent savings across some of the most water intensive global industries all of which are multi-billion dollar industries.

Mark Nichols, CEO of Xeros, commented, “Kinetix industry expertise and international network of investors focused on sustainability was fundamental to the role played by the firm, and we are delighted to have had their support in this cri&cal fundraising process”

KCCF Partner Rob McGrigor commented, “We are delighted to have been involved with Xeros, a Company so closely aligned with our sustainability criteria and look forward to being part of the Company’s future success.”


About Us: Kinetix Critchleys Corporate Finance support businesses delivering growth through sustainability and technology innovation. It provides strategic advice, M&A support, business planning, valuations and fund raising services.


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